NFL rumors: Ex-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant points fingers for remaining unsigned | Who does he blame?

It’s been more than a month since the Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Dez Bryant.There has been no shortage rumors about where he will land for 2018. The latest had Bryant possibly signing with the Green Bay Packers (a rumor started by Bryant’s former teammate, Jason Witten).After his release in April, Bryant expressed an interest in remaining in the NFC East.As of right now, the Giants, Eagles and Redskins have not shown much interest in their former adversary.Giants roster breakdownSo what’s taking so long for Bryant to land with a new club?He took to Twitter on Tuesday to put forth an explanation, pointing a finger at the media, and its coverage of his tour through free agency:No I’m not retiring.. for the record me not being signed to a team yet has a lot to do with my personal decisions.. this media is a joke closest Bryant came to signing was when he received a multi-year contract offer from the Baltimore Ravens. But Bryant passed, with the prevailing thought being he was looking for a short-term prove-it deal so he could cash in after the 2018 season.